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Saturday February 24th 2018

Caracoles…. Thinking of You!

It’s not what you got it’s what you do with it and it couldnt’ be any truer; especially when you enjoy the simpler things in life.  So, I sit here recollecting a fantastic trip down to Puerto Rico a few years ago and thought to re-run this article…. enjoy!

Isla del encanto… Every so often we need to replenish our souls, step back, slow it all down, and so we did. Some of the staffer’s at took a mini vacation in Puerto Rico, and yes keeping true to the enbreve way, it was not your normal visit to Borinquen. We had received an invitation from some of our family and friends back on the island which we just could not pass up.

The Island of Caracoles in and of itself is no secret its been there forever, so I am not disclosing anything new. However, the style in which one enjoys things and the friendships one makes along the way is the key to a great vacation.

When consider the logistics of getting 20+ people and enough supplies for 4 days on the Island, its really not for the faint of heart, but look at the benefits, coral reefs and mangroves, pools of crystal clear water, where hundreds of visitors go every week and they all speak your language, and truly know how to enjoy themselves, I call that heaven.

No expensive Hotels, just nature and the cool ocean breezes. Sipping on cold beer, listening to Salsa while working on your tan. If you got bored with that there was always something to do, either a ride on the jets skis or great conversation. For the more adventurous you can walk the path which led to another set of islands where you can party from boat to boat and even get some pinchos (finger food) from a floating pincho stand.

I promised not to reveal all the fun that was had, but I can tell you we will be there next year again. Until then, I count the days.

Thanks to all the families that shared in the fun and a special thanks to Tito, and Eneida and the kids (Karlen, Carlito, and Ney) for sharing with us this wonderful time. !


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