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Saturday February 24th 2018

Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet – Red Tailed Hawk CD

Carlos Jimenez's Mambo Duclet - Latest CD Got an email from Carlos Jimenez a month ago informing me of his Latest CD entitled ” Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet Red Tailed Hawk” and of course I had to get my hands on it; Carlos was kind enough to provide a copy.

The work is dedicated to his Grandfather “Cruz Jimenez” and Uncles’ “Luis  and Polo Jimenez” all Korean War Veterans.  Its only fitting, as I received the CD shortly before Veterans Day and being myself a Veteran,  was touched by the sentiment.

To honor those that served in our defense so that we could enjoy our current liberties; BTW… Dad if you are reading this…. Thanks for the two tours in Nam and glad you came home safe.  As for me, while I was in during Vietnam, I was safe and dry  as our involvement was winding down; enough of my ramblings, now back to the CD.

As with fine wine, once the bottle is opened it should be allowed to breath for a spell before one begins the process leading to enjoyment. Similarly with a new CD, once the seal is broken, a random sampling and then a scheduled long drive, phone turned off and CD playing; total immersion.

This CD is a departure from previous works and signifies artistic growth not only as a tremendous flutists but as a vocalist.  Featured on this CD are Edy Martinez (Piano); Alfredo “Alfredito” Valdes Jr. (Piano); Orlando Marin (Timbales); and Sonny Bravo (Piano).

The fist thought that came to mind was “Now this is serious dance music”.   Listening to the words of first cut entitled “Tanto Rogarte” I was reminded of loves lost or thrown away; was it fate? The next cut is “Goza Nena” meaning “Enjoy it Baby” and the trend continues as by the third cut, the title is ” Tu Boquita Duce Y Maravillosa” the literal English translation is “Your Mouth Sweet and Marvelous”.   I am certain you will agree that from theses titles the inspiration behind these as well as other cuts on the CD just might  be a Love or a Lover’s lament; you decide.

I did speak with Carlos briefly about the CD and the inspiration behind it; commenting that the symbolism on the cover art was heavy and that the music seem to be in step.  On the surface, several of the cuts are instantly appealing as the rhythms hit deep, perhaps the essence of this performance; resonating so deep within the listener that it’s just a matter of time before all heck breaks loose and they find themselves gyrating to the Afro-Latin beats.  The longer one listens, the deeper into this mystic journey and that is where you will  find a well laid out series of influences showcased by the exceptionally talented musicians that collaborated on Red Tailed Hawk.

This is a CD that is surely to be well received and coveted.

John Irizarry

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