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Saturday February 24th 2018

Puerto Rico Statehood Debate, is Statehood Best for Puerto Rico?

Yes, it’s that time again!

Puerto Rico Statehood
Borinquen – Puerto Rico Flag

Puerto Rico Statehood; Who Should Decide, Congress or the People (is it really that simple)?

I find myself thinking “hmm playing with pandora’s box again”, every time the topic of Puerto Rico and Statehood is raised; yes it’s not a new topic, but it is the all important topic.

El Nuevo Dia has a good article on the topic (search their archives) if you are looking to get up to speed on the issue (written in Spanish); there are other articles on line; do a quick search.

In general at issue is the current status, should it change or remain the same; Puerto Rico Statehood or reatin its Commonwealth status.

The question out there (to gauge opinion) is, who should decide (Congress or The People)?  Rather than joining the multitudes and poll for some meaningless statistic, we though we’d try something different; knowledge.

Yes, how about pointers  to pertinent information, a suggested approach, and we let you draw your own conclusions?

Recommended reading from the Library Of Congress website:


Common sense, as basic as it gets… If I were going to form an opinion as to whether it was a good thing to become a state or not, wouldn’t it be a good idea to read some of the case history on the last two states accepted into the union?

Alaska Statehood Bill:   July 7, 1958

HAWAII Statehood Bill: August 21, 1959

At the very least read up on how the Hawaiians or Alaskans felt after going through the process; what they expected vs. what they got.

Both these journeys are well documented; read the debates of the day, and the realities of the day after.

Before you form an opinion as to the issue of Puerto Rican Statehood – BORICUA EDUCATE!!!

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