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Saturday February 24th 2018

The Zany World of MomGigs

Moms and how they make us laugh MomGigs – Art by Jessica

Oh Mom… that’s Zany!

They are dear and near to us, couldn’t be without them,  yet their pearls of wisdom can have us busting at the seams.  Mom’s have their way about them (and around us) and know exactly what make us tick.  That is precisely why their humor is so special and zany.

My Mom for example is the inspiration for this section and she, after raising (7) kids, never fails to make me laugh.  Forget the fact that she is a Puerto Rican Mom (that only means you have a 50-50 chance of being called by the right name and a 75% chance that she’ll get your name right when done) or her belief that she has the ability to summon you with her mental powers.  Yes, mental powers.  The funny thing is that no matter where you are, when you do  decide to arbitrarily call home, once she gets on the phone her answer seems to always be  “oh hi honey…. te llame con mi mente (I called you with my mental powers)”.

Is it a Latino thing for moms to have a great sense of humor?  Or are all moms that way or they get that way after the journey of raising kids.   I know now in retrospect that over the span thus far, I owe a lot of my successes to my sense of humor; wonder where I got that from?

Being able to laugh at things is a gift; of course, my not being a standup comic, or famous for my sense of humor,  might just mean that my Mom just may not be as funny as let’s say John LeGuizamo’s.

Let’s hear some of your anecdotal Mom stories or Mom sayings or strange Habits  (I got much better one’s but saving them for later posts).


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