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Saturday February 24th 2018

Paying it Forward

We hear and see tragic news but can we feel or empathize the effects of these acts? Mia Culpa, MiEven in the face of a major catastrophe one always finds an Angel.a Culpa,  I am no exception, when an unfortunate tragedy (such as this) occurs, I tend to absorb it (at the moment), reflect on it, form my opinion and as quickly as it arrives its gone: another  ephemoral event.  Is that the norm? It was for me, that is,  until 20 innocent children are killed in cold blood, lives with promise and unlimited potential to accomplish great things for mankind..

When I reflect back on the event, all the coverage, and the national support as covered in the news, I am saddened to think that I might not be alone in my reactions to news coveage et al.  Have we been desensitized by a flood of too much information and the effects of the electronic age on society?  Are we all so immersed in our everyday that we fail at random acts of kindness and launch kindness in response to trajic events?

I recall watching a commercial on the boob tube promoting a certain insurance company; the jist of the series of commercials ran soemthing like this: one random act of kindness that saved a person from harm was paid forward and this continued through several people until coming full circle (paying it forward)….. my brother’s keeper concept.

Well last Friday, while at my day job, and not thinking about the trajedy of recent, I was aproached by a woman and asked how many people were on staff at the time. I replied “11”, upon hearing this she fished around in her purse and produced 11 envelopes and instructed me to hand one to each member of staff.  I thought this odd, as on the envelope was writtten the words “For You”.

I agreed to do this, and proceeded to open up mine. It contained this note;

With all the sadness in this woeld lately, I thought it would be nice to pay it forward with a random act of kindness….. I have purchased 20 $5.00 gift cards for Dunkin Donuts, one for each of the little angels that were taken away from us too soon….. So enjoy a cup of coffe on me and say a little prayer for those babies.


Moved by the contents, I handed out the 11 folders and observed the reactions.  Most were moved, but one in particular reminded me of how calus we as a society have become.  This person question me as to where the other 19 envelopes went, my retort… “you have got to be kidding, I was given 11, what if I had only been given one and passed it on to you”? Thier reply… ” I am only going by what is written here”. My reply you missed the message!!!!!

I write this bable in the hopes that one person is touched as I was and does homage to this random act.  We have !!

Merry Christmass




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